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    Type: Androgen; Anabolic Steroid
    Main Ingredient: Stanozolol
    Concentration: 10 mg
    Presentation: 100 Tablets
    Form: Oral
    Avg Dosage: 10-20 mg/day
    Lab: Dragon Pharma
    Common Name: Stanol

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  • Winstrol [10 mg Tablets] by Dragon Pharma

    Winstrol, developed by Winthrop Labarotories in 1962 is a steroid that can be purchased in an oral or injectable form. Winstrol is approved by the FDA for human consumption, however has been banned from use in most competitive sports, as its use has been revealed to be the source of many professional sporting controversies. Used for both animals and humans, the drug allows for increased muscle growth, bone density and appetite stimulation after certain illnesses are diagnosed. In the United States, Winstrol is classified as a controlled substance, primarily due to its abuse in competitive sports.

    1. Chemical Structure
    2. Profile
    3. Pharmacodynamics
    4. Dosage and Uses
    5. Side Effects
    6. Contraindications
    7. Stack / Cycle
    8. References
    9. Reviews

    Chemical Structure



    • Anabolic index: 320%;
    • Androgen index: 30%;
    • There is no aromatization;
    • It is toxic to the liver;
    • Produced in injectable form;
    • Half-life is 9 hours;
    • Detection time: 8 weeks.


    Since Winstrol 10 is approved by the FDA, it has been used in the medical fields for various treatments on humans and animals. Illnesses such as anemia, prostate cancer, breast cancer, blood clotting, diabetes, kidney problems and hereditary angioedema have been proven treatable with Winstrol. Animals may be treated with Winstrol after an extreme accident or illness leaving them debilitated or weak. This allows for the animals to build back muscle, red blood cells, bone mass and appetite.

    Primarily used for cutting cycles, rather than bulking cycles, Winstrol is an orally ingestible or injectable compound and should not be used during bulking cycles due to poor cholesterol side-effects and high toxicity, so its use should be limited to a maximum of 6 weeks.

    Dosage and Uses

    Women can take Winstrol 10 safely without any severe side effects. The recommended dose for women is 5-10 mgs a day. Due to the low androgenic characteristics, Winstrol has actually become very popular with female bodybuilders and athletes. With regular use however, females could see problems with increased androgenic effects.

    For men, the recommended dosage is between .5-1.5mg/kg. Winstrol does not typically return significant weight gains and has weak AR building capabilities. However, Winstrol synthesizes protein very well, while provided a quality muscle look with very little water weight added.

    Winstrol is commonly used for trimming fat while retaining lean body mass. The steroid preserves lean body mass while increasing the metabolism. These characteristics prove essential for burning fat and revealing muscle from underneath flabby skin. Most people don’t use the steroid for a very long period due to the high liver toxicity.

    Side Effects

    Winstrol side effects can include serious to fatal liver problems. Symptoms include pain in the abdomen, dark urine, nausea, yellowing skin, acne, baldness, sore joints and vomiting. However, the primary side effect when using a high dosage of Winstrol is problems with the liver.


    Winstrol is also known to result in birth defects in babies if pregnant mothers take it. In ischemic heart disease, any anabolic steroids are contraindicated. Patients with kidney and liver issues, Winstrol is not prescribed. This drug is not prescribed during pregnancy, during lactation, and if the patient is less than 18 years old. Testosterone derivatives are not recommended for people with congenital and acquired heart disease, because they increase blood synthesis, which leads to an increase in blood pressure. This substance should not be used in patients with the following ailments:

    • breast cancer in women;
    • atherosclerosis;
    • chronic prostatitis;
    • hypersensitivity to dihydrotestosterone derivatives;
    • breast carcinoma with hypercalcemia;
    • prostate cancer in men.

    Stack / Cycle

    Many bodybuilders use Winstrol 10 with testosterone during cycles to increase water retention, but after the cycle, most of the water retention goes away and the results of the cycle will disappear. Winstrol is pivotal if you would like to create a hard, lean muscle look, as the steroid trims fat and adds hard, lean muscle.

    Winstrol injections or tablets increase the amount of testosterone levels in the body, helping preserve this testosterone for cutting more fat and building muscle.


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