• DNP: Uses, Side Effects and Common Brands

  • Originally used as an ignitor for THT as well as a pesticide, researchers at Stanford University discovered that DNP causes weight loss in 1933. The late pioneer bodybuilding Dan Duchaine wrote about DNP for fat reducing and weight loss and since then, 2,4-DNP has been used in the hardcore bodybuilding underground. Compared to other thermogenics, fat reducing, and weight loss agents such as the ephedrine / caffeine / aspirin (ECA) stack (which would boost metabolism 5-10%), DNP a seemingly miracle supplement. Now, while Clen / T3, ECA, and others didn't significantly raise the body's temperature, in some cases (not a rule) DNP raised internal temperature 1-4 degrees F. Exercise during a DNP cycle, in theory (bodybuilders say otherwise), should be kept to light workouts.

    DNP has not been seen to cause cancer, but death is a possibility if DNP raises the user's body temperature too high as there is no limit to how hot DNP can make the user's body. The lethal dose of DNP is only 4 times the dose that is effective for weight and fat loss. DNP is not an appetite suppressant, so a user will be hungry, and DNP users will especially crave carbohydrates due to glucose inefficiency. Some users may be allergic, and less than 1% of women who used DNP in the 1930's for fat reducing and weight loss developed cataracts which led to the 1938 FDA ban of DNP as a weight loss drug.

    DNP has been used off and on with scrutiny from within and outside the bodybuilding industry. Protesters of DNP note that is not a forgiving chemical. Understanding what the effects, risks, and limitations of the substance are before trying to acquire and use DNP promotes their hopes to deter potential DNP users, but the effectiveness of DNO to help with fat reduction and ultimately weight loss is hard to deny. A danger is the fact that many bodybuilders adapt the "more is better" theory, severely increasing their risk of harmful side effects and possibly death.

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