• Insulin: Uses, Side Effects and Common Brands

  • To date, insulin - a hormone of a peptide nature, has taken quite a stable position in the field of bodybuilding, since among athletes involved in power sports (bodybuilding, weightlifting) is considered a tool with powerful anabolic activity, which is to enhance the synthesis of protein, lipid molecules and the most important component of sports nutrition - amino acids. It helps the necessary components to penetrate into the cell faster. It also enhances the hexokinase reaction, which is the first and main stage of glucose metabolism. In addition, it has an anti-catabolic factor, which manifests itself in the cleavage of free amino acids and the formation of glucose precursors.

    It should be noted that with the introduction of a large amount of this hormone into the blood, the sugar index decreases. At this time, the protective reflex of the body is triggered and somatotropin is produced, the normal sugar index begins to be restored sequentially. Sometimes the level of growth hormone increases five times, which contributes to the increased manifestation of anabolic manifestations. Therefore, taken in bodybuilding, insulin not only assists in the production of the "right" hormone, but also enhances it. It also increases the glycogen stores in the body, which are later used during physical activity and in long periods between meals.

    Among bodybuilders, it is taken in two varieties - with short and ultra-short action. Athletes often combine insulin with Testosterone Enanthate at a dosage of 400 - 600 mg per week.

    Short-acting insulin begins to act after half an hour after administration. Its greatest effect occurs in two, and its total processing by the body is 5-6 hours.

    Ultrashort insulin starts to work within 15 minutes after administration and its complete withdrawal occurs after 3 to 4 hours. This category is taken before or immediately after a meal.

    Currently, the production of drugs containing this hormone is engaged in many pharmaceutical companies (brands and prices differ). Available in the form of a solution for injection with various concentrations of active substance.

    If we talk about the price of these medicines, then they are quite acceptable, which makes these products uninteresting for counterfeit manufacture. Given that the price of insulin is quite low, it is very popular among bodybuilders.

    You can buy Insulin at our pharmacy without a prescription.

    Properties and Effects

    It has the following anabolic and anti-catabolic properties, as well as metabolic-related actions:

    • Enhances cellular uptake of essential substances by cells;
    • Promotes fermented breakdown of glucose;
    • Stimulates glycogen production;
    • Lowers glucose formation in the liver;
    • Improves the absorption of amino acids, transport of potassium, magnesium, phosphate, as well as protein synthesis;
    • Helps reduce protein degradation;
    • Reduces the intake of carboxylic acids (fatty) in the bloodstream;
    • It is well combined with steroids and somatropin.

    How to Use

    Before starting a cycle, it is necessary to undergo a medical examination and get a doctor's consultation, who will be able to schedule an individual cycle depending on your physiological characteristics.

    On average, the recommended cycle should not exceed 60 days, otherwise the production of body's own secretion is inhibited. With proper consumption, the accumulated lean muscle mass can be about 10 kg.

    To achieve maximum efficiency, using this substance when building muscle mass, you need to follow a special diet, conduct productive workouts, and not neglect good rest.

    It should be noted, before you inject insulin, you need to stock up on some kind of sweet foods. The injection is made strictly by an insulin syringe subcutaneously. Begin with a minimum dosage, about 2 IUs. consistently increasing it to 20 IUs, the maximum allowable dose. Sudden dosage changes that may cause damage to health are prohibited. In addition, with self-administration should not exceed a maximum of 20 IUs.

    Insulin can be taken at different frequencies (daily or after several days). The more often it is administered, the shorter cycle time should be. Therefore, putting down injections daily, the cycle does not need to be carried out more than one month.

    It should be injected using an insulin pen immediately after the end of strength training to suppress the catabolic process, which is caused by strong physical exertion. Only after this, a meal with a lot of protein and carbohydrates is taken.

    Interaction With Other Drugs

    Due to its anabolic effect, the combined cycles of this hormone with steroids are quite common, as it is much more effective than taking it solo. It is justified by different mechanisms of action, antagonistic effects on the blood sugar, which leads to improved results with minimal stress.

    Side Effects

    It should be noted that this drug does not contribute to manifestation of negative reactions in liver and kidneys. Does not adversely affect potency and sexual function. However, improper use and overdose, as well as individual intolerance can manifest itself by following negatives:

    • Hypoglycemia (low sugar).
    • Itching sensation at the injection site.
    • Allergic reaction.
    • Production of natural insulin is reduced.

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