• Liothyronine Sodium: Uses, Side Effects and Common Brands

  • Liothyronine (T3) is a synthetic analogue of thyroid hormone, the levorotatory isomer of triiodothyronine, which makes up for its hormonal deficiency. The first medicine, of which T3 was a component, appeared at the end of the 19th century. In medicine, it is used to eliminate obesity and fatigue, metabolic disorders. It enhances energy processes, strengthens the nervous and cardiovascular system, has a positive effect on the liver and kidneys.

    Bodybuilders are mainly using it to burn excess body fat. As a result of its use, body cells absorb carbohydrates, fats and proteins much faster. For this reason, the number of calories with increased appetite can not be controlled. As a rule, triiodothyronine is taken in preparation for competition.

    Most pharmaceutical companies are involved in the production of this drug (only names and prices differ). Available in tablet form for oral use in 25 and 50 mcg. The active substance is Liothyronine Sodium. You can buy liotironin in pharmacies only by prescription.

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    Properties and Effects

    • It speeds up the metabolism;
    • Enhances heat production;
    • Reduces the need for sleep;
    • Suppresses increased need for food;
    • Effectively stimulates the central nervous system;
    • It has a pronounced effect of fat burning;
    • Increases physical stamina.

    How to Use

    Before you start taking it, you need to consult a doctor, since the duration and dosage of T3 consumption is selected individually. The maximum cycle should not exceed 6 weeks. Begin with 25 mcg daily. Every 4-7 days, add the same amount for the same amount. It is important to note that both increase in dose at the beginning of administration and at completion of cycle should be gradual. The permissible limit is 75 mcg. Upon reaching this level, reduce the dosage in the same order.


    In order to achieve greatest effectiveness of Liothyronine, it is advised to take it in paired cycles. Experienced athletes prefer combined cycles, while not forgetting to follow all recommendations. To reduce the load on heart, a combination with one of beta blockers will be the most optimal. To achieve a high positive effect with this drug, it should be used in parallel with Clenbuterol. To enhance cutting - combine with a representative of this steroid group.

    This medication with improper use or overdose can also have quite strong negative effects on your body, which can manifest itself in the following factors:

    • Migraine.
    • Annoying condition.
    • Attacks of nervousness.
    • Shock.
    • Increased sweating.
    • Irregular heartbeat, angina pectoris.
    • Intestinal motility rises.
    • In women, menstrual irregularities.

    In addition, a strong excess of the established norm can be life threatening.


    In general, this pharmacological product among athletes has gained a positive reputation. It was noted that a properly selected dosage and duration of administration not only allows you to burn excess fats, but also contributes to a qualitative build of muscle mass, its density. They advise caution in using this synthetic hormone.

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