• Methandienone: Uses, Side Effects and Common Brands

  • Methandienone appeared in the 1956. Initially, it was used in medicine to accelerate the recovery of burns and wounds. Over time, it began to be used for muscle growth. In Europe and USA, it is banned, in Mexico you can buy it without problems, in Russia, Asia and the East, you can also purchase without restrictions (with a prescription).

    Types of Methandienone

    There are a number of naming conventions under which it is issued. If you decide to buy Methandienone, you need to know all its names and trademarks:

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    This list does not end here, there are many other trade names and may even appear in the process. The most popular among Methandienones is Dianabol. Its popularity is associated with performance and a convenient form of release. Taking pills is easier than injections, there will be no scars and bumps from them.

    Bodybuilders often use it for several reasons:

    • Popularity of this drug motivates followers to choose it;
    • Simple and convenient tablet administration schedule;
    • Relatively low cost.


    Methandienone promotes results when taken properly. The optimal scheme implies that it must be taken 4 times a day at regular intervals. The daily norm should be no more than 20-40 mg. The duration of use is 4-8 weeks. During this time, it will be possible to feel a beneficial effect and minimize the manifestation of side effects. An excellent alternative to Methandienone without side effects would be Turinabol. These steroids can negatively affect your liver. After them, you need to go through a rehabilitation period. Recovery is done after the cycle with the help of medicines: Essential Forte, Carsil, Heptral and others.

    Often the question arises where to buy Methandienone, including USA? The answer is simple, you need to buy only in trusted and reliable online stores, such as GrowXXLGear. After purchase, check the security code on the manufacturer’s website for originality and look for a store you can trust.


    Before ordering Methandienone for building muscle mass, you must clearly calculate how much it needs to be taken in time. It is not recommended to increase the dose in a pyramidal manner. It is important to take the same dosage stably over time. There are a number of rules that must be observed:

    • The optimal time for admission is in the morning from 6.00 to 9.00 and in the evening from 18.00 to 21.00;
    • At this time, testosterone levels are higher;
    • The duration of use is 4-8 weeks;
    • The initial dosage is 20 mg per day;
    • PCT (post-cycle therapy) is required.

    Interaction With Other Drugs

    The process of muscle building involves a combination with other drugs. Methandienone goes well with Sustanon. The result will be influenced by the characteristics of each, their combinations and the individual characteristics of your body. Sustanon increases the level of testosterone in the body. This combination will allow you to gain muscle mass, but it is in no way suitable for cutting. Possible water retention in the body. Methandienone and Sustanon are suitable for those who do not have a tendency to overweight. With such a regimen, Anastrozole is required to avoid delaying excess water in the body and controlling the level of estradiol in the blood.

    Effects from a combination of Methandienone + Sustanon:

    • Increase in muscle mass up to 9 kg;
    • Acceleration of regeneration;
    • Growth of stamina and strength up to 30%;
    • Increased protein synthesis;
    • Favorable effect on ligaments and joints;
    • An increase in blood of testosterone levels.

    The beginning of this cycle consists of taking 100 tablets of Methandienone. Sustanon injections are done only 1 time per week, 1 ml intramuscularly, ideally into the gluteus maximus.

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