• Testosterone Suspension: Uses, Side Effects and Common Brands

  • Testosterone suspension is an aqueous solution of testosterone that excludes any ester residues from its composition. Initially, it was used only in veterinary medicine. Later found application among athletes of various orientations. Its distinctive features are the rapid onset of exposure to the body and the high incidence of side effects. It has 100% anabolic and androgenic activity from the male hormone. It has an effect on the body up to 2 days. Not toxic to liver, with the exception of significant overdoses.

    Its advantage is the rapid increase of testosterone in the bloodstream, and the disadvantage is the same rapid decline in this level.

    This drug is manufactured by many pharmaceutical companies with trademark differences. Presented in the form of an aqueous solution with crystals of the "test", which acts as an active substance. Due to poor solubility in the aquatic environment, this steroid in the form of a precipitate sinks to the bottom of the ampoule or vial. With careful shaking, it turns into a suspension.

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    Properties and Effects

    • It has a fast half-life;
    • Anabolic effect is manifested within 24 hours after administration of this substance;
    • Promotes an increase in the number of red blood cells in the bloodstream;
    • Helps to increase muscle mass;
    • Burns excess body fat in conjunction with Clenbuterol;
    • Improves muscle's shape and density;
    • Swiftly increases the power indicator;
    • Increases sex drive (libido) throughout the cycle.

    How to Use

    Given that the injections of this steroid are very painful and it is quite difficult to maintain them for a long time, as a rule, the cycle is prolonged for one month. The maximum duration of such course is about five weeks. This drug is administered daily intramuscularly with a dosage not exceeding 100 mg. For beginners, it is recommended that you start with a daily dose of 50 mg. To prevent the occurrence of negative reactions, each injection is best done in different places, since this drug is capable of manifesting side effects of local use.

    It is recommended that this process include vitamin B12 or another analgesic, as well as one of the antiestrogens.


    To significantly increase strength indicators, this steroid can be combined with Turinabol in proportions per 100 mg of Suspension - 50 mg of an additional agent daily for 8 weeks.

    To achieve the same goal, you can combine this androgen with Testosterone Propionate (100 mg every 2 days).

    Side Effects

    • Gynecomastia.
    • Acne.
    • Accumulation of water in the tissues.
    • Testicular atrophy.
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