• Helpful Tips for Managing A Steroid Cycle

  • A compromise cycle is one that is employed by regular Joe’s. It’s not designed for any particular purpose. Rather, the goal is just to make gains, in general. The concept is old, but its one that many bodybuilders in today’s world of growth hormone, insulin, and designer drugs and cycles seem to have forgotten.

    A compromise cycle is unlike the other cycles you may have read about on the forums, or used in the past. Typically, the cycles you study will be designed with a very strict goal in mind. The bodybuilder preparing for a show will use a pre-contest steroid stack, containing compounds which help to preserve muscle while fat is being shed. Conversely, the bodybuilder seeking mass gains in the off-season will opt for a cycle which allows for mass gains, even if it causes massive water retention or fat gain. Even powerlifters will design their cycles to contain compounds which will help them to increase their strength and hardness, without weight gain (which would place them into a higher and more competitive weight class).

    compromise steroid cycle

    The goal of a compromise cycle is twofold. The user wishes to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. This concept may run contrary to everything you’ve ever read, but it is effective nonetheless. It’s not nearly as attractive to read about. The goal is simply to make gains in strength and muscle size, while losing fat. It is perhaps the healthiest way to cycle, as much smaller doses of much friendlier compounds are used to reach desired anabolic levels. While a national level bodybuilder may be running 1200 mg of testosterone per week along with 600 mg of Nandrolone, the compromise bodybuilder can get away with a simple cycle of 200 mg Equipoise per week along with 10 mg Dianabol per day. Small cycles of testosterone alone are also fine for the compromise bodybuilder.

    The same rules of "real" cycling do apply to the compromise bodybuilders. When you complete the cycle, you need to immediately ramp up the PCT, or post-cycle therapy. Even if you only ran a minor cycle of 400 mg testosterone for 10 weeks, you are still going to experience a decent T level crash at the conclusion of your program. The use of a product such as Nolvadex will help you to minimize the side effects upon your body.

    Speaking of side effects, they will be significantly lower on a compromise cycle than they will be with the use of any other cycle. Since the dose sizes are smaller, the gains will be smaller. Alas, the side effects will be lesser too. You may still experience a bit of acne and some increased aggression, but hair loss and major water retention are not real concerns with the lower doses.

    Many bodybuilders make the mistake of staying "on" their compromise cycle indefinitely, since it’s such a small dose. This is a mistake, as long term use will disrupt your HPTA system and leave your natural testosterone production levels at zero following a cycle lasting 6 or more months.

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