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    Type: Androgen; Anabolic Steroid
    Main Ingredient: Oxymetholone
    Concentration: 50 mg
    Presentation: 50 Tablets
    Form: Oral
    Avg Dosage: 50-100 mg/day
    Lab: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals
    Common Name: Roboral

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  • Anadroxyl Customer Reviews

    • Feb 3, 2022 (13:46)

      Anadroxyl gave good strength gains and added muscle. I have gained 26LBs. on this cycle with no side effects.

    • Oct 8, 2019 (10:44)

      I have been using past 4-5days at 100 mg and it is fire. High bp, insane pumps everything i Look for in anadrol. Will def use again and recommend.

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  • Anadroxyl [50 mg Tabs] by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals

    Anadroxyl is the most powerful oral steroid on the market. It significantly increases strength, increases stamina and protects joints during intense strength training. Anadroxyl is perfect for a great start as part of a competent mix of anabolic drugs. A well-constructed cycle gives you the opportunity to pump up the maximum volumes that remain for a long time with the right post-cycle therapy.

    Anadroxyl has the highest anabolic index, which will give odds to injectable steroid drugs. Oxymetholone is considered to be a unique drug, since it performs specialized tasks more abruptly than other recognized steroids. It feels like Anadroxyl acts as a cocktail of testosterone and dianabol. However, the ability of oxymetholone to increase the number of blood cells puts it on a par with such elite preparations as Boldaxyl and Trenbolone Hexa. Well and good cardio will provide a cool fat burning effect. It is important to notice the ability of Anadroxyl to burn fat, even on a high-calorie diet.

    1. Chemical Structure
    2. Profile
    3. Pharmacodynamics
    4. Dosage and Uses
    5. Side Effects
    6. Stack / Cycle
    7. References

    Chemical Structure



    • Anabolic index: 320%;
    • Androgen index: 45%;
    • There is no aromatization;
    • It is toxic to the liver;
    • Produced in oral form;
    • Half-life is 8 hours;
    • Detection time: 8 weeks


    • Serious weight gain (best performance of all anabolic steroids);
    • Increases endurance;
    • Significant increase in power characteristics;
    • Minimizes the possibility of injury, strengthening joints;
    • Fat burning effect;
    • No heavy unwanted effects.

    Dosage and Uses

    Anadroxyl promotes fast and very effective weight gain. Due to the similarity with the derivative of testosterone - dihydrotestosterone, it increases the power indicators. The ability of this drug to cause severe water retention has a good effect on strength training, if your joints hurt, as oxymetholone protects the joints from injury.

    This steroid allows you to tirelessly increase the load, many athletes use it during the off-season. This drug begins to act approximately 4 hours after ingestion. Half-life duration is equal to eight hours, as a result, it should be taken twice a day. Unlike Trenboxyl Hexa or Boldaxyl, Anadroxyl enhances the effect of any other anabolic steroids, especially with impressive androgenic power. In addition to the anabolic effect, as already mentioned, Anadroxyl has a strong fat burning effect due to the active production of hemoglobin.

    Even Anadroxyl solo is an excellent cycle with great results every time, however, it is followed by an inevitable muscle loss. To maintain muscle mass, an androgenic drug is needed, which is Testosterone.

    Side Effects

    With all its power, Anadroxyl is a fairly safe steroid. It does not cause gynecomastia, since it is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, it is not converted into female hormones and does not provide estrogen side effects.

    At high dosages, Anadroxyl is toxic to the liver, therefore, dosages of more than 100 mg per day are undesirable, as well as cycles lasting over 5 weeks.

    With proper use of this drug, all liver indicators remain normal. The Anadroxyl + Nandroxyl stack is undesirable because of the ability of both drugs to activate local estrogen receptors, as a result of which libido is reduced, sluggishness and low mood appear, sometimes reaching depression.

    Stack / Cycle

    Anadroxyl cycle is recommended to be combined only with injectables, since it is toxic to the liver. Anadroxyl + Trenboxyl + Testoxyl cycle allows in a record short time to build up weight, increase your strength performance and raise endurance in training to incredible heights! Anadroxyl acts as a powerful catalyst for Testosterone, which gives a synergistic effect.

    Also Anadroxyl is perfectly combined with Boldaxyl, you can add testosterone in small dosages. For example: Boldaxyl 600 mg/week + Testosterone 300 mg/week + Anadroxyl 50 mg/day will allow you to gain up to 12 kg of weight, followed by a minimum muscle loss. This cycle should last 8-10 weeks. In this case, Anadroxyl in the last three weeks is replaced by Dianoxyl.


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