• Legit Stanoxyl Depot for Sale

    Type: Androgen; Anabolic Steroid
    Main Ingredient: Stanozolol
    Concentration: 50 mg
    Presentation: 5 Sterile Ampoules, 1 mL Each
    Form: Water Suspension for Injection
    Avg Dosage: 10-20 mg/day
    Lab: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals
    Common Name: Stanotrex

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  • Stanoxyl Depot [1 mL Amp] by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals

    To increase their strength, athletes often have to resort to the help of pharmacological companies. One of them is Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, which has earned its reputation for its decent quality products. An example is Stanoxyl Depot, which allows you to achieve great success due to the ability to increase muscle growth and stamina.

    Any experienced athlete knows that before purchasing a drug, you should familiarize yourself with its basic characteristics by studying the instructions laid down for it.

    1. Chemical Structure
    2. Profile
    3. Pharmacodynamics
    4. Dosage and Uses
    5. Side Effects
    6. Stack / Cycle
    7. References

    Chemical Structure



    • Anabolic index: 320%;
    • Androgen index: 30%;
    • There is aromatization;
    • Not toxic to the liver;
    • Produced in oral and injectable form;
    • Half-life is 1 day;
    • Detection time: 8 weeks.


      Therefore, before you buy Stanoxyl Depot, you also need to read the instructions. It reflects the basic information, which indicates that the drug provides:

      • Rapid growth of muscle tissue in conjunction with Oxandrolone;
      • Removing excess water from the body;
      • Improving muscle density;
      • Increases appetite;
      • Low hepatotoxicity;
      • Lack of aromatization.

      As additional advantages, it should be noted the ability to efficiently burn fat, a minimum decrease in the concentration of your own "test" and increase muscle hardness.

      In addition, with proper use, long-term preservation of the results is noted. But at the same time, traces of the main active substance are stored in the blood even a year after usage.

      Dosage and Uses

      The proper use of the injection form will not require special knowledge and will consist in observing just a few simple rules.

      • Preliminary preparation. Before starting to use, it is worth going through a medical examination and consult a knowledgeable specialist. This will eliminate all sorts of risks.
      • Dosage. To achieve maximum effect, daily injections of no more than 100 mg are required. It should be borne in mind that the most optimal dosage is 50 mg daily.
      • Duration of admission. It should not exceed 8 weeks, otherwise the risk of developing adverse reactions will increase several times.
      • Therapy after the cycle. A couple of days after the end of the injection course, PCT should start, which will help normalize the basic physiological parameters of the body.

      Typically, this drug is used on a cutting cycle, allowing you to get a pronounced muscle shape.

      Side Effects

      Since this anabolic does not show pronounced estrogenic activity, the risk of developing edema and gynecomastia as side effects from its administration is minimal. But it is necessary to indicate its ability to “dry” the ligaments, which increases the likelihood of injuries during intense training. In addition, it is possible to increase blood pressure, increase cholesterol, hair loss and the appearance of acne. But with a competent approach, all these sides can be avoided.

      Stack / Cycle

      In addition, it has the ability to enhance the effect of other drugs. Therefore, it is often used in various combinations. The best consider its combination with Propionate in a dosage of 100 mg after 2 days or Turinabol.


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