• Legit Clenbuterol for Sale

    Type: Beta-2 Agonist, Bronchodilator
    Main Ingredient: Clenbuterol Hydrochloride
    Concentration: 40 mcg
    Presentation: 100 Tablets
    Form: Oral
    Avg Dosage: 40-160 mcg/day
    Lab: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
    Common Name: Clenovet

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  • Clenbuterol Customer Reviews

    • Sep 12, 2019 (08:43)

      Quality is excellent, surely it's pharma grade. 20mcg made me sweat more, gave me a minor headache the next day and dried me out to hell. 40-60mg simple made me sweat more. 80mcg, however, is my tolerance point...it gives me complete shakes, and I'm insanely jittery. I just can't keep still, not to mention my heart is about to jump out my chest! No way am I going above 60mcg again...I am sticking to 60mcg a day. Usually one 500ml bottle of water hydrates me a day, with this even 2-3 litres doesn't work! I'm taking nothing else at the same time, so it's definitely the clen doing this. This stuff really is strong.

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