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    Bayer Schering was founded in 1851 and at first it was a regular small pharmacy. But today it is a powerful pharmaceutical concern, whose products are known in all countries of the world.

    In addition to the production area, the company has its own powerful research base and professionals in their fields are involved in the work. Bayer Schering employees are active in all areas of medicine, and for many people the name of the company is associated with the concept of "quality". In our old-school steroid store you can always order the most profitable Bayer Schering gear.

    The concern's management maintains its reputation with all its strength, and if you decide to buy Bayer Schering steroids gear, you can be sure of their high quality. Although the range of steroids produced by the company is not as wide as Dragon Pharma, the manufacturer produces all the main drugs.

    All Bayer Schering anabolic gear reviews are positive. Of course, we are talking only about the original drugs. Products of this company have consistently high quality, although its price may seem too high for someone. At the same time, one should get used to the fact that products from popular brands always cost more. First of all, the AAS of this German company are designed for athletes with medium and high incomes. You should also remind about the excellent protection of products, which allows not to worry about possible fakes.

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