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  • Anavar-Lite Beligas Pharmaceuticals
    85.00 USD

    Apto-Turinabol Beligas Pharmaceuticals
    99.00 USD

    Creto-Provirion Beligas Pharmaceuticals
    80.00 USD

    Pro-Anadrol Beligas Pharmaceuticals
    98.00 USD

    Pro-Anavar Beligas Pharmaceuticals
    150.00 USD

    Pro-Dynabol Beligas Pharmaceuticals
    80.00 USD

    Pro-Winstrol Beligas Pharmaceuticals
    80.00 USD

    Acro-Trenbolone Beligas Pharmaceuticals
    120.00 USD

    Acro-Trestolone (Ment) Beligas Pharmaceuticals
    147.00 USD

    Cypo-Testosterone Beligas Pharmaceuticals
    90.00 USD

    Deca-Durabolin Beligas Pharmaceuticals
    120.00 USD

    Etho-Masteron 200 Beligas Pharmaceuticals
    140.00 USD

    Etho-Testosterone 300 Beligas Pharmaceuticals
    90.00 USD

    Etho-Trenbolone Beligas Pharmaceuticals
    140.00 USD

    Pheno-NPP Beligas Pharmaceuticals
    90.00 USD

    Propha-Masteron Beligas Pharmaceuticals
    130.00 USD

    Propha-Testosterone Beligas Pharmaceuticals
    75.00 USD

    Quant-Equipoise 300 Beligas Pharmaceuticals
    135.00 USD

    Supra-Testosterone 400 Beligas Pharmaceuticals
    98.00 USD

    Suste-Testosterone Beligas Pharmaceuticals
    100.00 USD

    Semaglutide 5 mg Beligas Pharmaceuticals
    115.00 USD

    Etho-Primobolan Beligas Pharmaceuticals
    155.00 USD

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    Supra-Testosterone Beligas Pharmaceuticals
    120.00 USD

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    Trusted Beligas Pharma Gear Source

    Beligas Pharma is an European pharmaceutical company that has been actively developing and producing anabolic products since 2012. The products are manufactured according to the quality standards of the Dragon Pharma, and the formulations of hormonal preparations are regularly improved using their own laboratory facilities.

    Production facilities of the plant are located in Europe. The company produces oral and injectable anabolic gear in a wide range for athletes of different levels of training, as well as ancillaries for post-cycle therapy. Production is certified according to the international GMP standard, and the raw materials used for the manufacture of medicines, thoroughly checked and amenable to thorough cleaning. Finished products that go out from under the conveyor constantly undergo several levels of independent quality control, and annually there are strict world-wide checks for compliance with medical requirements.

    In addition to production, Beligas Pharma has its own research laboratories, which employ highly qualified specialists and researchers in the field of pharmaceuticals, biochemistry and medicine. Thus, innovative technologies make it possible not only to test and improve the formulations of existing products, but also to create new formulas of hormonal preparations of the highest quality.

    In 2019, the company re-branded the packaging of manufactured pharmaceuticals, putting on them protective serial numbers. On the official website of the company in the “Anti-counterfeit” section, you can verify the authenticity of the purchased products online by entering the security verification code (serial number) in a special window.

    For a short time of existence on the market, Beligas Pharma gear gained trust and strong authority both in the territory of their country and abroad. Many professional-grade athletes have noted a minimal amount of adverse reactions from taking Beligas Pharma's anabolic gear, as well as a qualitative increase in muscle and a noticeable increase in strength. Most of the reviews of athletes agree that the claimed effects of the use of AAS of this brand correspond to the real ones.


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