• Drostanolone: Uses, Side Effects and Common Brands

  • The active substance Drostanalone is available in form of esters: propionate and enanthate. Drostanolone is appreciated by athletes for it's unique properties: it has a light diuretic and excellent fat-burning effect, allows you to get high-quality shape and improved vascularity, as well as definition of muscles. Masteron is appreciated by athletes who seek to increase muscle density and muscle hardness, most often used in preparation for competitions. It allows you to achieve excellent muscle shape, which is due to the lipolytic effect of the drug. In practice, Masteron cycle reduces fat mass by 5-7% from the original, which is an excellent result (without the use of growth hormone and peptides). You can buy Drostanolone at an affordable price from official suppliers.

    Masteron exerts gradual anabolic properties and high androgenic properties. It does not convert to estrogen and is even an aromatase inhibitor. At first, this drug was used as a medicine for the treatment of oncology, but later, like many other steroids, it became popular in sports. This drug is used by athletes due to its effectiveness. Basically, this drug is available in a dosage of 100 and 50 mg / mL. Masteron, whose price is quite optimal, is available for purchase to every athlete.

    Steroid Profile

    Estrogen Conversion: None
    Anabolic Index: 62%
    Androgenic Index: 100%
    Duration of action: Up to 14 days

    Positive Effects

    • Preservation of muscles and strength indicators after a cycle of taking steroids in a dense and embossed form. Bodybuilders mainly use Masteron in drying cycles;
    • Fat burning properties;
    • Strength and stamina gain;
    • Gradual effect of a diuretic;
    • Catabolic processes are suppressed;
    • Promotes an increase in insulin;
    • Increases sexual activity;
    • It makes the body more prominent.

    Methods of Use and Dosage

    The most acceptable steroid dose is 400 to 500 mg weekly. With an increase in dosage, negative effects can be obtained. It is undesirable to increase the recommended dose. The cycle of Masteron Propionate is taken in injectable form every other day or up to three times a week, Enanthate is taken once a week.

    When using this steroid, you should constantly monitor your health and adjust dosage in accordance with it. After a cycle owith this drug, it is recommended to monitor a balanced diet and a constant training process to maintain obtained effects.

    Interaction With Other Drugs

    Drostanolone cycle is not generally used solo. In order to prevent negative effects of anabolic and androgen from appearing, it must be combined with other steroids. Drostanalon is perfectly combined with drugs such as Oxandrolone and Stanozolol.

    Stanozolol helps lower globulin levels and interacts well with androgen receptors. So this drug helps to get synergy. For muscle growth, Testosterone Propionate is used. Using Gonadotropin, you can compensate the inhibition of natural testosterone level in the body. Drostanalone combines perfectly with Boldenone and Trenbolone. Such combinations help to achieve optimal effects in form of an increase in dense muscles and make faster the development of dry, high-quality muscles.

    Masteron reviews are positive from athletes due to their properties. This drug helps to obtain excellent effects in the form of an increase in strength indicators and endurance. It also helps to get muscle growth. The most important thing is to follow all dosages on a cycle to prevent negative results.

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