• Trenbolone Acetate: Uses, Side Effects and Common Brands

  • Trenbolone Acetate is one of the most popular steroids used in sports. It belongs to the class of derivative substances of Nandrolone with the inclusion of acetate ester in its molecular composition. It has significant anabolic (400% of testosterone) and androgenic (200% of male sex hormone) indexation. Its use is not burdened by aromatization. However, it can act as progesterone, which binds to progesterone receptors, which, as a rule, leads to manifestations of negative effects on body due to the androgenic effect. It follows that in order to avoid various kinds of negativity, it must be used with antiestrogens, for example, with Proviron. No toxic effects on liver. When used, this product actively acts on the body for 1 to 3 days.

    Initially, this drug was used only in the field of veterinary medicine. Its task was to increase the desire for food intake, as well as accelerate the growth of muscle mass among livestock. Later, it found widespread use and popularity among athletes of various disciplines, in particular, among a bodybuilders.

    The production of this product is carried out by many companies involved in the production of pharmacology (the brand and price differ). Bodybuilders are using it, as a rule, in injectable form, since in tablet form, its use is meaningless because of the destruction of the steroid with the same active substance passing through the liver.

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    Properties and Effects

    With Trenbolone use, its effectiveness is always multifunctional and multifaceted. It can manifest itself in the following indicators:

    • Promotes the rapid build-up of a significant qualitative mass of muscle fibers (it is possible to gain up to 6 kilograms per course);
    • It has the ability to burn excess accumulation of fatty fibers;
    • Helps to remove accumulations of water from the accumulated muscle volume;
    • Improves the overall aesthetic appearance and bump of acquired muscles;
    • Significantly increases the level of power indicator;
    • Helps increase the coefficient of insulin-like growth factor;
    • On cycle, it reduces the effect of the cortisol process (body fat, in particular in the abdomen, lower testosterone levels, chronic depression);
    • Increases sex drive, libido.

    How to Use

    Due to the high likelihood of virilization, taking this product for women is not advisable.

    Before starting a cycle, you must consult a doctor and undergo all necessary medical examinations.

    The usual daily dosage for men is 50 to 100 milligrams. The recommended cycle duration is 3 to 7 weeks. Some experienced athletes increase the desired cycle time, which increases the risk of side effects. On a long cycle, more than 4 weeks, it is necessary to take antiestrogens (Proviron). In the case when the length exceeds 8 weeks, in the middle of cycle, there should be mandatory administration of Gonadotropin with a dosage of 500 IU weekly.


    Combined cycle can have two or more products. When combining Trenbolone Acetate with Oxandrolone, the effects of both steroids are positively enhanced. For experienced bodybuilders, there is a combination with growth hormone.

    In addition, this steroid has proven itself in conjunction with any form of Testosterone (Sustanon, all its esters, Suspension).

    Side Effects

    To minimize the negative effects of this product, it is necessary to follow the recommended dosage and duration of administration. Otherwise, improper use and overdose can lead to undesirable consequences such as:

    • Loss of sleep.
    • Jumps in blood pressure.
    • Attacks of aggressiveness.
    • Acne.
    • Excessive oiliness of the facial skin.
    • Hair loss.
    • Decreased libido at the end of the cycle and testicles atrophy due to decreased production of natural male sex hormone.
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