• Exemestane: Uses, Side Effects and Common Brands

  • Exemestane is a synthetic agent belonging to the class of aromatase inhibitors, which has found wide application among athletes involved in bodybuilding. It has become popular in certain circles due to its ability to suppress the negative estrogenic effects of anabolic steroids on the body, lowering the degree of estradiol (female sex hormone) and increasing the level of gonadotropic and male sex hormones. For most anabolics and androgens, the ability to aromatize is characteristic, which ultimately can lead to the emergence and progression of such negative phenomena as gynecomastia and water retention in high quantities, which leads to an increase in blood pressure.

    Exemestane was first developed in the laboratories of the pharmaceutical company Upjohn and in the early 2000s appeared on the world market under the brand name Aromasin.

    Like most other representatives of antiestrogens, this drug was originally used in the field of medicine as a medicine used in treatment of breast cancer during menopause among females.

    Nevertheless, today it enjoys no less popularity in bodybuilding. Its effect on body is similar to the mechanism of work of the most popular aromatase inhibitors Letrozole and Anastrozole.

    As with original version, this drug is available in the form of tablets for oral administration with a universal concentration of the active substance 25 mg per unit. Currently, many global pharmaceutical holdings under the same brand name are engaged in its production (only prices differ).

    Properties and Effects

    • It is an excellent drug in the prevention of gynecomastia;
    • It has the ability to quite effectively suppress the rate of female sex hormone;
    • Increases athlete's anabolic background;
    • Promotes improvement of muscular definition in conjunction with Testosterone Propionate;
    • It can be taken as an excellent medication to prevent the occurrence of hypertension (high blood pressure);
    • Reduces the effect of estrogen, which negatively affects the function of the pituitary arch;
    • It is able to accelerate the secretion of insulin-like growth factor.

    How to Use

    As in the case of taking steroids, before starting a cycle, you need to consult a doctor, since the cycle duration and dosage are mainly selected individually taking into account physiological characteristics.

    To normalize the estrogen rate and increase the level of total testosterone, a daily dosage of 12.5 mg taken three times a week will be quite sufficient. The maximum permissible recommended dose (only if the cholesterol balance is impaired), in order to avoid side effects, should not exceed 25 mg per day, which should be taken every other day.

    These dosages are relevant only for male bodybuilders. Women should take this inhibitor only for medical reasons.

    Interaction With Other Drugs

    While taking steroids with a short period of action, such as Testosterone Propionate, Methandienone, it is necessary to take estrogen tests ten days from the start of the cycle, start taking Aromasin for 10 days. After this period, re-take tests and adjust the dosage with the doctor.

    In cases of steroids usage with long half life as Testosterone Enanthate to carry out the same procedure after three to four weeks from the start of the steroid cycle.

    In cases of overdose and abuse of aromatase inhibitors, excess suppression of estradiol production can occur, which can cause side effects such as inhibition of muscle growth, depression, decreased sex drive and libido, increased cholesterol, decreased bone strength.

    With regards to the improper use of Aromasin, such negative manifestations as:

    • Vomiting.
    • Unexpected surge of heat.
    • The risk of fractures increases by 60%.
    • Pain in the joints.
    • Arterial and venous blood clots form.
    • Drying of the mucous membrane in the genital area.

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    Characterizing Exemestane, in their reviews, athletes positively note the achievement of high results. In the reviews of doctors there is a statement about the need for post-cycle therapy. In this situation, this medication will be the best option.

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