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    Type: Androgen; Anabolic Steroid; Androgen Ester; Progestogen
    Main Ingredient: Nandrolone Phenylpropionate
    Concentration: 100 mg
    Presentation: Sterile 10 mL Multi-Dose Vial
    Form: Injectable
    Avg Dosage: 200-700 mg/week
    Lab: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals
    Common Name: NPP

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  • Duraxyl [10 mL Vial] by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals

    Duraxyl occupies a special place in the ranking of anabolic agents - it was used in the 20th century, preparing for demonstrations in bodybuilding or weightlifting competitions. This drug guarantees an increase in high-quality muscle mass and an increase in strength.

    1. Chemical Structure
    2. Profile
    3. Pharmacodynamics
    4. Dosage and Uses
    5. Side Effects
    6. Stack / Cycle
    7. References

    Chemical Structure

    19-norandrost-4-en-3-one-17beta-ol, 17β-Hydroxyestra-4-en-3-one


    • Anabolic index: 125%;
    • Androgen index: 37%;
    • There is aromatization;
    • Not toxic to the liver;
    • Produced in injectable form;
    • Half-life is 2-3 days;
    • Detection time: 68-72 weeks


      By taking this drug, an athlete will be able to:

      • Accelerate the growth of purely dry muscle mass with a minimum of water, but a maximum of hardness and relief.
      • Get a powerful increase in terms of strength indicators.
      • Increase libido.
      • Strengthen the bone and joint systems.

      In terms of chemical parameters, Duraxyl is characterized by high anabolic activity, twice the androgenic. However, it does not have aromatization and toxicity to the liver.

      Dosage and Uses

      The optimal dosage of this drug varies between 200-600 mg per week, depending on the physical form and experience of taking anabolics; do injections every 3 to 4 days;

      Be sure to monitor the level of estradiol, progesterone and prolactin in the blood, regularly making tests. If normal values ​​are exceeded, you should immediately start taking aromatase inhibitors.

      Side Effects

      In terms of negative reactions, this drug is considered one of the most dangerous due to its high effectiveness. Failure to comply with the rules of admission, the presence of individual intolerance and contraindications, an overdose - all this will lead to gynecomastia, excessive water retention in the body and a strong decrease in testosterone levels.

      Stack / Cycle

      Solo taking this drug is undesirable. It is better to combine it with testosterone, which will avoid a decrease in libido and other negative manifestations;
      the dosage of Duraxyl should be 2 times less than the dosage of testosterone;

      At the end of the cycle, post-cycle therapy using testosterone boosters and antiestrogens are required.


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