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    Type: Androgen; Anabolic Steroid; Androgen Ester
    Main Ingredient: Methenolone Enanthate
    Concentration: 100 mg
    Presentation: Sterile 10 mL Multi-Dose Vial
    Form: Oily Solution for Injection
    Avg Dosage: 300-800 mg/week
    Lab: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals
    Common Name: Primotest

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    • Primoxyl [10 mL Vial] by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals

      Often, athletes need not only to build quality muscle, but also to strengthen, as well as maintain the result. In this case, the optimal solution is to use Primoxyl 100 from the company Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, which is ideal for both experienced professionals and beginners.

      The basis of this drug is the active substance - Methenolone Enanthate. One of its main advantages is the lack of risk of gynecomastia and edema.

      1. Chemical Structure
      2. Profile
      3. Pharmacodynamics
      4. Dosage and Uses
      5. Side Effects
      6. Stack / Cycle
      7. References

      Chemical Structure

      17beta-Hydroxy-1-methyl-5alpha-androst-1-en-3-one, 1-methyl-1(5-alpha)-androsten-3-one-17b-ol


      • Anabolic index: 88%;
      • Androgen index: 44-57%;
      • There is aromatization;
      • Not toxic to the liver;
      • Produced in injectable form;
      • Half-life is 10 days;
      • Detection time: 4-5 weeks


      • Improves the quality of muscles, giving hardness and relief;
      • Increases stamina and strength
      • Activation of exchange processes;
      • Long-term preservation of acquired muscle mass.

      With proper use, it is possible to beautifully improve the muscles, give them a pronounced relief and aesthetic appeal with the help of Turinabol.

      Dosage and Uses

      To achieve all of the above effects, this drug should be used in accordance with its instructions. This will not require much effort, just adhere to a number of rules.

      • Dosage selection. No more than 400 mg.
      • Cycle duration. The average should be 8 weeks. Further use may lead to the development of adverse reactions.
      • Post-cycle therapy. It is carried out 2-3 days after the end of taking the tablets or 3 weeks after the last injection.

      The best period for taking is a cutting cycle. At this stage, it will be possible to preserve the muscles and give it a beautiful embossed appearance.

      Side Effects

      The development of negative reactions is extremely rare and is usually associated with an excess of dosage. Most often, excessive excitability, an increase in pressure or an increase in the amount of cholesterol in the blood occurs. In rare cases, testicular atrophy is possible.

      Stack / Cycle

      A weak anabolic effect has led many athletes to use Primoxyl 100 in conjunction with other analogues. For muscle gain, a combination with Sustanon at a dosage of 250 mg per week or Testosterone Suspension is best. And for the cutting period, Winstrol is ideal.


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