• Methenolone: Uses, Side Effects and Common Brands

  • Methenolone (Primobolan) belongs to the category of "soft" prolonged-release synthetic steroids with low anabolic (88% of testosterone) and insignificant androgenic (44% of male hormone) index. It is a derivative of dihydrotesterone. It is not characterized by estrogenic transformation (aromatization) and you can not be afraid of the occurrence of gynecomastia and swelling. Does not have any toxic effect on liver. Its period of action in the body can be either 6 hours or 14 days, depending on the form of release.

    Methenolone is produced by many pharmaceutical companies. This drug can be produced in tablet form (oral) and in the form of a solution for injection (depot).

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    In the case of bodybuilding, an injection product is more preferable than tablets, because its price is much lower, the intake in the body is more uniform, and the effectiveness and duration of action are much higher. The active substance in it is the ester of Methenolone - Enanthate. One of the few pharmacological doping that can be bought at a pharmacy without a doctor's prescription. Compared with some drugs, its price is relatively low. In most cases, power athletes use it during the cutting period, when the main task is to preserve the acquired muscle mass, and not its building. In addition, the muscle loss after the cycle is minimal.

    Properties and Effects

    • Increases strength indicators;
    • Increases the density of muscles and vascularity;
    • Burns excess body fat;
    • Slight weight loss after a cycle;
    • When used correctly, it virtually eliminates all negative effects during and after administration.

    How to Use

    Given the gentle effect of this drug, Methenolone Enanthate can be used even by beginners in primary cycles of steroids. Despite the softness of this substance, before starting the intake cycle, you need to consult a doctor and undergo all the necessary medical examinations in order to avoid individual contraindications and to monitor the basic physiological parameters during the process.

    The recommended duration of this anabolic cycle can last from 6 to 8 weeks. The permissible dosage for oral administration varies from 50 to 100 mg daily, and for injectable administration, permissible dose should not exceed 400 mg per week.

    Post-cycle therapy begins with the use of tablets 2-3 days after the end of cycle, and with injections 3 weeks after the last administration of this drug using Gonadotropin or various Testosterone boosters.

    Combination With Other Drugs

    First of all, we pay attention to the fact that more than two drugs should not be combined, and with mixed cycles it is better to take half the recommended solo dose of each medication. For women, combination is undesirable.

    When gaining muscle mass, Methenolone can be combined with drugs such as Sustanon (250-500 mg per week) or Methandienone (25-30 mg per day). The safest combinations to achieve this particular goal is considered a combination with Nandrolone.

    Stanozolol can be added during cutting.

    Side Effects

    • Suppression of the level of natural male hormone.
    • Mild toxic liver damage.
    • Loss of sleep.
    • Attacks of aggression.
    • Nervousness.


    Athletes positively note its fat-burning properties, increased muscle's density and vascularity.

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