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    Organon is a pharmaceutical company from the Netherlands, founded in 1913 by Dr. Saal van Zwanenberg. Organon went through several stages of development. Today it is part of the corporation Schering-Plough, which conducts activities in several therapeutic areas: contraception, psychiatry, reproductive medicine, anesthesia and hormone replacement therapy. Organon production facilities are located in Germany, Ireland, USA, China, Japan, United Kingdom and Netherlands.

    Organon gear are of high quality, and the company is one of the most popular among athletes due to Sustanon.

    The overwhelming majority of athletes are satisfied with products of this company, which by its quality significantly exceeds all expectations. But the price of Organon steroids gear is much higher. And, it must be said, this often turns out to be the decisive factor determining the choice of an athlete in no way in favor of this manufacturer. Reviews about Organon say that the claimed effects of taking their steroids are real. If the recommended dosage and duration of the cycle are followed, athletes rarely encounter adverse effects, and if they do, they are not very pronounced and pass quickly after discontinuation of the drug.

    There are reviews about Organon from women. It should be noted that women more often than men put quality at the forefront, and most of them are satisfied with the choice. Summarizing public opinion, it is possible to characterize this manufacturer as a company that produces pharma grade steroids gear, designed for users with average and higher incomes.


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