• Legit Testoxyl Propionate 100 for Sale

    Type: Androgen; Anabolic Steroid; Androgen Ester
    Main Ingredient: Testosterone Propionate
    Concentration: 100 mg
    Presentation: Sterile 10 mL Multi-Dose Vial
    Form: Oily Solution for Injection
    Avg Dosage: 300-700 mg/week
    Lab: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals
    Common Name: TestoRapid

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  • Testoxyl Propionate 100 Customer Reviews

    • Sep 26, 2019 (06:51)

      Not really a fan of Test Prop, due to the burning. Been running it ever other day 50mg since it's short acting ester. Mainly because poor planning on my part waiting for my TRT Cyp to come in. The PiP hasn't been terrible almost smooth with a little kick. But acne pretty bad from it with oily skin and erection that wnt quit, to be young again..lol.

      Great service. Fast shipping highly recommend these guys

    • Jun 26, 2019 (14:19)

      The Prop i can say its the smoothest I've ever used. No pip at all and been on it for a couple of weeks now.

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  • Testoxyl Propionate [10 mL Vial] by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals

    Among the anabolics diversity there are rare steroids suitable for any categories of athletes, regardless of their experience. One of these drugs is Testoxyl Propionate.

    1. Chemical Structure
    2. Profile
    3. Pharmacodynamics
    4. Dosage and Uses
    5. Side Effects
    6. Stack / Cycle
    7. References

    Chemical Structure

    4-androsten-3-one-17beta-ol, 17beta-hydroxy-androst-4-en-3-one


    • Anabolic index: 100%;
    • Androgen index: 100%;
    • There is aromatization;
    • Not toxic to the liver;
    • Produced in injectable form;
    • Half-life is 4-5 days;
    • Detection time: 2 weeks


      • Muscle plan - tangible hypertrophy of the fibers;
      • Health Plan - improving the appearance, strengthening immunity;
      • The plan of strength and endurance is explosive growth;
      • Plan libido - increase for the duration of the course.

      Dosage and Uses

      Instructions for Testoxyl Propionate use:

      • The optimal dosage is 50 mg for beginners, 100 mg for experienced athletes.
      • Injections should be every other day.
      • Do not exceed the duration of the course in 4-6 weeks.
      • If experience allows you to continue the course for more than 6 weeks, then be sure to include Gonadotropin in it and carefully monitor the level of estradiol.

      Side Effects

      Like any form of "test," Testoxyl Propionate is prone to aromatization. It can lead to gynecomastia, water retention, skin rashes, high blood pressure and excessive aggressiveness. To avoid this, you must follow the recommendations in the instructions and use aromatase inhibitors.

      Stack / Cycle

      To maximize results, it is possible to combine with a number of anabolics depending on the purpose of admission. For drying and gaining lean muscle mass, it can be combined with Stanozolol, for enhanced muscle gain - with Methandienone and Trenbolone.

      At the end of Testoxyl Proponate cycle, it is mandatory to undergo therapy using antiestrogens and testosterone boosters.


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